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What Is supply chain metrics?


In todays modern world of supply and demand of product and services, we look to streamline complex Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes that require management of complex dependencies between teams, departments, partner companies and vendors across international boundaries. It is a likely area where companies want to analyse how their supply chain is doing and how they record these key metrics. 

When would we use metrics?


Supply Chain-Metrics may include measurements for procurement, production, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging and customer service. There are hundreds of metrics that can be used to score Supply Chain Management performance. These key metrics can then be used to make informed business decisions based on the company’s overall strategy.


Supply Chain-Metrics hopes to simply the process by having key metrics available to any small/medium sized business.


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A tool needs to have the features to handle business environments. We keep things simple by not adding too much complexity and providing a tool that does what it says…


Integrates into all wordpress websites with no need for complicated integration coding.


Graphical data has been created so you dont need to. A simple graph to display the data means no customising for your adminstrators.

UI Elements

everything is built into the background. Integration into your existing wordpress website means no editing to your existing template.

Clean Code

A simple easy to install plugin. Once loaded it contains all the functions you need while utilising the WordPress back-end and database.


Simple how to guides to help install and use the plugin.

Free Updates

Free updates as and when we roll out a new version.


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Perfect way for downtime tracking of my applications. Such a simple tool!

Sophia R

Web Engineer

I have been using this plugin for the last two months. I was very suprised how easy adding systems and tracking downtime can be. The simplicity of the graph option makes this a must for reporting downtime and analysing issues with systems.

James G

I.T Manager

Simple, easy downtime reporting for our business. Love the fact we can add this plugin directly to our existing wordpress website and lock it down for our teams use.

Jessica B

Business Analyst


Sometime you just want to create something that is unique to your business. Having the flexibility to know what you want can really help us bring it to life.

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