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In a world of results driven targets and value-add services, companies are striving to challenge vendors on system availability, performance and their own supply chains.

Key indicators help drive key metrics.  These can be used to show impact to processes and make key assumptions on preventative actions, maintenance, end of life equipment, upgrades and process improvements.

Teams/systems are now able to log information in a simple way and be fully transparent to their business when conducting monthly business reviews.

The information gathered provides positive direction to help drive change and push businesses in the right direction. 

With a renewed focus on collaboration, teams, business partners and vendors can log and review performance at a click of a button.

Supply Chain Metrics hopes to simply the process by having key metrics available to any small/medium sized business.


Why use this plugin?

All supply chains have their purpose and function. Keeping on top of why supply chains fail is a crucial part of tracking potential trends. Using the data captured, an overview is achieved to illustrate supply chain performance.


Start tracking today!


What does the tool look like?